Let me start by saying that I don’t fancy myself a movie critic, but there seems to be an elephant called Bohemian Rhapsody in almost every room these days. I’m speaking of the new film about the rock band Queen, of course. The popularity of this movie is immense, and witnessing people clamoring to the theaters to see it is refreshing. 

As you might expect, the film is more specifically about the band’s late singer, Freddie Mercury. Primarily addressing issues of love, loneliness, bisexuality, and inner struggle, it’s a film with a multi-faceted human approach. Having died of AIDS in 1991, Freddie lived a life that had its fair share of debauchery, but the film does a great job of getting its point across without being exploitative or perverse.

Actor Rami Malek is simply amazing as Freddie, and the supporting cast is just as impressive. While watching the movie it actually felt like footage of the real band members. The clothes, the hair, the settings, and all the fine details were meticulously thought out and accurately represented. 

Being a gigantic fan, I know all of the band’s material and the year it was released. So, the liberties that were taken with the timeline were definitely a bit awkward. Seeing the band perform “Fat Bottomed Girls” in a scene that is supposed to be taking place in 1974 just didn’t sit right with me, being that the song was written in 1978. But, with the tremendous acting and the punishing power of the music, it really wasn’t too difficult to look past the inaccuracies. 

I recommend Bohemian Rhapsody as not only a vehicle for the power of Queen’s music, but as a wonderful exhibition of the human spirit.