I am thankful for my friends!

Because of Thanksgiving, November is a time when we are reminded to count our blessings. I try to be thankful each and every day – for my family, for my health, for my good fortune to live here in Naperville and for all of the people in my life who continue to make me a better person.

I am especially thankful for my friends. When Christian and Matt were growing up, most of my friends were parents of their friends – at school, in sports and at church. When Matt left for college, I remember Kent turning to me and asking, “Do you think we know how to make our own friends?”

Of course, that’s an exaggeration of our social life, but it does indicate how important it is to have friends wherever we find them.

Whenever I have a crisis or good news to share, I notice that it is my friends in the garden club who are on the top of my list to share my trials and joys. I joined the Naperville Garden Club about 20 years ago and have enjoyed the friendships of an interesting assortment of women. They have made me a better gardener (given me many great plants!), shown me how to take my holiday decorating up a notch (Look up Cup of Cheer™ House Walk, Holiday Market and Tea on our website.), but more importantly how to gracefully accept and/or embrace the ups and downs of life.

The Naperville Garden Club invites you to join us at our November 14 meeting. Details are on our website as well as the website of this publication.

The Cup of Cheer™ House Walk, Holiday Market and Tea is our major fundraiser. Save the dates Thurs., Dec. 6, and Fri., Dec. 7.

When you come to these events, you’ll see what I’m talking about.