If you have a background in sales, you may feel that you can sell your property without the assistance of a Realtor®. Of course, there have been situations in which people have successfully sold their home themselves. As a rule, however, real estate agents are a vital part of the real estate transaction. They offer knowledge, experience, and objectivity.

KNOWLEDGE – Real estate transactions are becoming increasingly complicated. In addition to the traditional challenges of pricing, marketing, negotiating, and closing details, today’s sales also includes other complications. Financing alternatives have become much more numerous and difficult to understand. Most Realtors know which lenders offer the type of financing best suited to a particular selling situation. More of today’s sales are contingent upon a satisfactory home inspection. Realtors know who the reliable home inspectors are in each area.

EXPERIENCE – Nothing can beat experience in any important aspect of our lives. A Realtor’s experience that can be gained from many prior transactions can be invaluable. Should you panic when you receive a low offer? Should you reject it or make a counter offer? Does it appear likely that the buyer will qualify for the mortgage loan necessary to complete the sale? Is the buyer being reasonable or unreasonable in his or her demands? Should I take this offer or hold out for a better one in the future? All of these questions are best answered by someone who has been there before.

OBJECTIVITY – Emotions come to the surface when big dollars are involved. You need a buffer between you and the buyer so that feelings are not overly frayed causing a sale to collapse. It is also helpful to get the advice of someone who is not as personally involved in the sale as much as you are. If you feel that the buyer seems to have a low regard for you or your home, your emotions will greatly affect the decisions you make in the negotiating process.

ADVICE: Even with over 36 years of selling Naperville area real estate, I find value in practicing what I preach. My wife and I own real estate in Naperville and other areas of Illinois and find value involving another Realtor in my personal real estate transactions. Take a step back, evaluate your needs, and wisely involve a professional that you determine you can trust.