Time is precious. Just 168 hours in a week. Except the first full week of November: we get 169 hours.

On November 4, remember to put your clocks back one hour. The world-wide sponsor of this extra hour is Naperville Senior Center, Adult Day Services. Nice!

Here are 24 things to do with your extra hour.

  1. Watch the sunrise.
  2. Make a big family breakfast with bacon.
  3. Start a jigsaw puzzle.
  4. Visit a museum.
  5. Read a (Sales) Book.
  6. Go for a bike ride.
  7. Go for a walk.
  8. Bake a pie.
  9. Pack a picnic lunch.
  10. Plant some tulip bulbs.
  11. Look at old pictures.
  12. Write a short story.
  13. Take a Sunday drive.
  14. Give your best friend a back rub.
  15. Pray for the safety of all in harm’s way.
  16. Hand-write 5 letters (send snail-mail).
  17. Donate clothes.
  18. Research candidates and referendums, and vote Tues., Nov. 6.
  19. Call an old friend or relative.
  20. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
  21. Write in your journal.
  22. Start your 2019 Sales Planning (or not).
  23. Put your clock back (only if you knew where you bought it).
  24. Watch the sunset.

Let us know whatever you choose to do, and we hope you have an awesome day!