What are the most important hopes of families filling their children’s backpacks and dressing them really nicely for the first days back to school?

Great rising expectations for grades and friends and playing sports delegate proper behavior of the child and send the strong message from parents that getting ahead of others is the biggest priority.

What children and young adults learn is the importance of competition. Not the land of success for all, but often for those lucky enough to be blessed with being the best and brightest.

For most of the population and rising percentage of people who have autism, the upper level of life rankings is unobtainable. And with me when I was young and highly strange and doing poorly, the standards for success only made me suffer more. Life rewards the best.

How about ranking the kindest or most giving? Can each person learn the value of being the best friend and always truthful? Could students be taught in schools to compete most importantly with themselves?

Every community needs more than the favored winners. We must make being a great person who contributes high standards and concern for others something children learn to strive for. Then those like me and the kind rest of the world will find their gifts and shape the future for us all.