Turning Pointe Autism Foundation revels in the back-to-school season. As tree leaves start to turn color or curl, Turning Pointe is actually springing back to life.

Within most school walls, the energy this time of year is contagious. Students arrive for school looking fresher than their new backpacks and teachers are more organized than their bulletin boards! It is a time of great possibility.

This back-to-school year at Turning Pointe is even more exciting than usual. With more students waiting for placement in our school, we must build new classrooms. Our highly specialized learning suites are designed to create an ideal environment for intake, assessment, skill acquisition and to meet the sensory needs of students.

The new classrooms – four to be built initially – will become a learning home for students like David and Marissa.
David began Turning Pointe with only two words – one was his favorite snack food! Marissa started Turning Pointe having not been able to sit at a school desk in years. Both gained communication skills quickly and began participating in class after only a few weeks. Imagine if we could open our doors to more students like them. Students capable, but in need of the right learning environment. The human potential to be realized here is even more exciting than any new school year.

We can make it happen with your help. Call us for a tour, to learn more about the new spaces or to donate your time and talents to this great cause. We can be reached at contactus@turningpointeaf.org. It is a time of great possibility, we hope you will be a part of it!