One thing that makes Naperville such an amazing town is all of the small businesses that populate it. These businesses are all unique and give Naperville a lot of character.

Many of these small businesses are started with a purpose behind them. This purpose influences the company to stay focused. The more focused the company is, the more it can stand out from the others.

Another thing that small businesses in Naperville can do is join IndieBound Naperville. IndieBound Naperville is a community-driven program that helps small businesses in Naperville network while building the Naperville community. They have monthly meetings that businesses can attend to and find information on how to build their businesses, network, and other important factors on growing a small business.

Some small businesses that really stood out to me were Anderson’s Bookshop, The Growing Place, The Dog Patch & Feed, and Everdine’s. I love all of these businesses for different reasons.

Anderson’s Bookshop is a place I frequent because they carry books that I love. I tend to visit The Growing Place because of the fun festivals they hold. I have been going to these festivals my entire life because a lot of my family works there, including my father. I admire The Dog Patch & Feed because they work hard to help animals in need. And I find Everdine’s to be delicious because they work hard to put out some great food.

These four businesses really stood out to me on account of the individuality that they demonstrated. They really seemed to be purposeful and focused, and really are some amazing examples of how a business can stand out to customers. Many more small businesses can be found in downtown Naperville, just by walking a few blocks. Each block will have something that really breaks the mold, while still supplying a fantastic product or service.

So I highly recommend that everyone shop small and visit our local small businesses (that may have a red IndieBound sign) or check out for more local shopping ideas.