Growing up as a local Chicago kid in the 70’s and 80’s, local radio often dictated the soundtrack of my life. I had rock stations like 95.5 WMET, known to us as “the mighty MET,” and, of course, The Loop. This past March, 97.9 WLUP, affectionately known as The Loop, ended its run of more than 40 years. So many classic rock fans remain stunned and don’t know where to turn for their Led Zeppelin favorites. 

Here comes Pure Rock 89.1 WONC to save the day…

WONC are the call letters for the student-run radio station at North Central College here in Naperville. As I listen on my drive home from work every night, it’s not unusual to hear songs from Boston, The Beatles, Slipknot, Rush, and The Dave Matthews Band back-to-back. If you’re like me and enjoy that diverse variety of classic rock and songs from the new breed of rocker, WONC is right up your alley. 

The real beauty of the station comes by way of the student DJ’s and their fearless ambition when they go on air. They’re excited to go off the heavily beaten path to play the “deep cuts,” and they’re unafraid to make mistakes and learn as they go. I listen for the music, but I also tune in to hear the raw passion that these young disc jockeys have toward learning their craft.

This past May WONC celebrated its 50th anniversary. Congratulations and thank you to everyone that has ever been a part of the station. I look forward to listening for many years to come.

You can find WONC at 89.1 on your radio dial, and you can find them online at