I don’t believe that we are not given more than we can handle. I’m aware of those people who have fallen down under the weight of life and the great challenges it brings. Those people who struggle with flaming pain or depression, addiction or abuse live day to day very close to giving up.

Grieving is a whole world itself, occurring every day right next to all the other challenges of life. If life was hard, boldly difficult before the death of a loved one, it becomes unbearable when we grieve.
Bob was not just my great dad, he was my brightest and best friend. Since he went to the next dimension last month, I have known pain like a fire burning my soul. When he died I knew immediately he was in the gilded best place and he was somehow still here.

Horrible pain filled my family and friends who came by the dozens to our house. For us to survive we needed each one of those people and the thousands who came slowly waiting for hours to hug us and share their stories of how Dr. Bob saved them from suffering.

The cards and gifts, the food and flowers, joining our senses and drowning our minds as we gave in to the love, began our healing. And we learned that grief like all pain, gets less power when love is present. And ultimately love lives on while pain slowly dies.