The National Exchange Club Convention recently was held in Reno, Nevada. At this convention, Scot Warren, Exchange Club of Naperville, was inducted as the National President. This is a huge honor for Scot and our club. Scot is the first member of our club to be elected to this office. Scot’s father, Harold, is a past National President.

This honor also is the first time a child of a National President has become a National President. It was Harold with two other gentlemen that met with leaders of Naperville to start the Exchange Club of Naperville in 1987.

Also at the convention, Janet Jacobs, Exchange Club of Naperville, was inducted to the National Exchange Club Foundation. In addition, Janet serves as a Lincolnland District Director. Robin Choquette was honored as an outstanding President.

This past June, at the Lincolnland Convention, Dawn Portner received the Distinguished Service Award. This is another high honor for Dawn and our club.

This month, the Exchange Club of Naperville will induct its new board members. They are as follows:

John Dunham, President; Judy McCormack President Elect; Ron Amato, Vice President; Trish Krenick, Secretary; and Jerry Kochurka, Treasurer.

Past Presidents are Bob Black, Dan DeBoo, Bob Pschirrer and Robin Choquette. Directors are Joel Carlsen, Barry Greenberg, Janet Jacobs, Diane Simmons, Emy Trotz, Jean Van Keppel, Denise Meyer, Denise Anderson, Jeff Coros, Scott Duenser, Peggy McGuire and Randy Tylin. Congratulations to all of the officers and members of the board.

Please remember you are always welcome to join us for a lunch or dinner meeting. We welcome your interest in our club as we’re always seeking new members who embrace our mission. Contact me at