Thanks for letting someone catch you reading PN! Wish we were there!

Tom Miers and Pati Miers were enjoying PN atop Mt. Sneffles, 14,200 ft. high, outside Ouray, Colorado, on July 29, 2018.

Alison Segebarth was caught reading PN in Montana’s Glacier National Park the second week in July.

Brenda Davis and Jeff Davis just happened to catch up on local news next to an outdoor musical instrument in Estes Park, Colorado, on a family vacation the first week in July 2018.

Thanks for reading the printed page! Let youngsters in your life know it’s for pleasure!

On Thanksgiving Day 2001, PN took the first large group photo of folks reading PN at the Mitchell Family Reunion at Ross Camp in Lafayette, Ind. Ever since, “Catch Someone Reading” has been a regular feature of the publication, capturing hundreds of photographs of Naperville residents around town and others that kindly stuck a copy of the paper in their suitcase when they prepared to travel.

One clever family had someone catch them all on their digital phones, noting they were catching up on local news at while visiting former Napervillians now residing in Germany.

Note the world of continents at the top of this page with the Positively Naperville pinpoint. The image of pangaea, a supercontinent that dates back approximately 335 million years ago, represents our aim to connect readers every day and in the upcoming future to their community.

The August 2018 edition wraps up 17 years of publishing the printed word about many good things happening in Naperville. Watch for the publication to appear around town beginning August 1.

The photo below is our most recent large group photo of PN readers. Thanks for reading!   —PN

Then there was the Noon Lions Club reading PN to humor the publisher on July 10. Thanks, Lions Club!