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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Traveling World War I exhibit to debut at Naper Settlement


Naper Settlement, in collaboration with the Lewis University History Center and Give Something Back Foundation, highlights emerging wartime narratives and perspectives in a new exhibit, “Woodrow Wilson and the Great War. ”

Making its debut at Naper Settlement this Thursday, July 26, the exhibit features photos and artifacts from the era, documenting World War I as it affected Woodrow Wilson’s presidency. Artifacts from the era include trench art, a gas mask and jacket, as well as letters and belongings of Woodrow Wilson.

Through exploring untold stories of the war, the exhibit raises questions about how we interpret history and discover new narratives. “It is important for modern day visitors to understand the complexity of history. One hundred years after the end of World War I, the narrative of the conversation continues to change. Viewing a topic through various lenses allows for a broader interpretation of history and previously overlooked narratives to be uncovered,” said Kole Torres, co-curator of the exhibit and Lewis University graduate student.

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The exhibit will tour to several locations in south suburban Illinois, kicking off at Naper Settlement and culminating its run at Woodrow Wilson House in Washington DC and Princeton Historical Society in Princeton, New Jersey.

“Woodrow Wilson and the Great War” runs from July 26-August 26 at Naper Settlement. Naperville residents, members, and children under 4 receive free admission.

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