It’s summertime here in Naperville – the season of Ribfest, the Last Fling, downtown Naperville’s Sidewalk Sale and more. With so much to do in Naperville during the summer, you could do something different every day!

One thing these great events all have in common is a lot of walking. If you have mobility issues, you might think will be too challenging to keep up with your family in a festival setting. Luckily for you, mobility solutions have come a long way in the past decade.

Electric mobility scooters manufactured today are more lightweight and portable than they have ever been. Scooters today actually break down into five pieces for easy transport! With the heaviest pieces weighing under 34 lbs., these modern scooters shine in just about every situation where walking is required.

If a mobility scooter is too cumbersome for your liking, you may be interested in a travel-friendly power chair. Similar to modern mobility scooters, current gen power chairs break down into easy-to-carry pieces. Power chairs are more maneuverable than scooters but lack a high top-speed.

Downtown Naperville has a lot of uneven terrain and old sidewalks. Ribfest and the Last Fling are held in big grass fields with elevation changes and transitions to stone pathways. Both situations can be difficult to handle if you have mobility issues. Thankfully, both power chairs and mobility scooters make travelling on any surface a breeze.

If you want to attend any Naperville events this summer, but are worried about the amount of on-foot travel, you need to look into getting a scooter or power chair. Rent or buy, there are many options to keep you in the action this summer!

Editor’s Note / 2018 Summer Side Walk Sales run July 12-15 in downtown Naperville and at Oswald’s Pharmacy in Naperville Plaza. Find bargains and special sale items inside and out!