Rotary Clubs. Jaycees. Exchange Clubs. Women’s Clubs. Men’s Clubs. Kiwainis. And Lions, oh my!

Small armies of individuals serving a purpose larger than themselves. It is truly remarkable in theory and practice.

Nonprofits like Turning Pointe Autism Foundation depend not just on the funding from these generous clubs, but on the promise of their charters: that each of us will do our part for our shared community. In this way, members own the responsibility and joy of the very hard work it takes to make a community a proud place to reside. It is the spirit and heart that club members carry with them throughout their meetings, plans, events and days that makes Naperville special.

Turning Pointe wishes to thank all the volunteers and all the supporters of these clubs for believing in our mission, too. From haunted walks and pancake breakfasts to street fairs and barbecues, your efforts to create a fun, connected community helps Turning Pointe connect our students.

Turning Pointe connects students to new words, skills and people through our specialized educational programming. A students’ ability to care for herself or advocate for himself is possible because you are all cheering them on by funding their books, technologies and activities. A students’ ability to learn a first word at 12 years old or 14 years old is because you give them a voice through these books, technologies and activities!

Our gratitude cannot be overstated. Please keep up this work. Know that through every assembled tent, distributed flyer, sourcing of one more sponsor to enlighten or brighten one more dark corner of our neighborhood is sincerely appreciated. Your work matters. It matters to our work and to our students.

Did You Know? Turning Pointe Autism Foundation operates two schools in Naperville for students with autism. One serves the educational needs of junior high through transition age students and the other is a Career College for adults to gain employment skills. Turning Pointe also operates the Made to Inspire Café & Boutique.