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Challenge Butter Corn-off-the-Cob Eating Contest returns to Ribfest


Challenge Butter, an award-winning leading butter brand, is spreading fun and flavor at Naperville’s Ribfest with the Challenge Butter Corn-off-the-Cob Eating Contest. This family-friendly competition provides entertainment for participants and observers alike. Attendees can enjoy Challenge Butter when purchasing Caney Creek Corn. They can also stop by the Challenge tent to spin a wheel to win coupons and other prizes. 

A Corn-off-the-Cobb competition will take place daily from 4:30 – 5PM on the South Stage. Entrants will compete to be the first to get all of the kernels off a corn cob slathered in Challenge Butter. Each day, the winner will be crowned the “Challenge Butter Chief Cob Cleaner” and receives a free rib dinner.

Taste the challenge, now in its third year at Ribfest! (PN File Photo. Ribfest 2016)


  1. Every contestant is required to keep their hands behind his or her back as each one is given a paper plate with the same size ear of corn.
  2. On “Go”, contestants can pick up the ear with their hands and eat the all the kernels off as fast as they can in an attempt to “clean the cob.”
  3. When a contestant thinks his/her cob is “clean,” he/she will put their corn down and throw their hands up high. The other players must stop while the cob is checked.
  4. If clean, a winner is declared.
  5. If not, they get back to work cleaning their cobs until another individual raises his/her hand or until a winner is declared.

Though some may play primarily for bragging rights, a prize and title will be rewarded.  And remember, clean chins don’t determine the winners; just clean corn cobs.

If attendees aren’t competing, they can still get their own corn on the cob slathered in hot melted Challenge Butter at the Caney Creek Roasted Corn booth.

Challenge is the leading butter brand in the West and has won accolades from the World Dairy Awards, Saveur Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle. Its butter and cream cheese are made from 100 percent real cream from its 450 family-owned California dairies.

A stickler for quality, Challenge products are free of added growth hormones, artificial preservatives, dyes and fillers. And, its products are so fresh, they are ready for the grocer within 48 hours of the cows being milked. Look for them in Meijer, Wal-Mart, Jewel-Osco and Garden Fresh Market. Look for the butter with the elk on the package.

For coupons, recipes and more, follow Challenge Butter on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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