Dr. Scott Mitchell

NAPERVILLE, IL – SamaraCare, the nonprofit counseling and consulting center with the 47-year history, is “Growing To Serve More.” To celebrate their expansion, SamaraCare will host a “wall-breaking” ceremony at 12:30PM, Sun., June 24, at 1819 Bay Scott Circle, Suite 109, Naperville.

Since a mental health crisis is recognized in this community, increased access to high-quality, affordable mental health care is essential.  Planners of the expansion say “SamaraCare has the distinct potential and commitment to do just that.” The expansion will allow SamaraCare to serve 360 more children and provide an additional 2,200 hours of senior support.

SamaraCare wants the importance of mental health, access to mental health and the pursuit of mental health to be pervasive. Their professionals believe that it’s time to talk about mental health openly and honestly, and put the stigma of mental health far behind every community.

Highlighting the communities’ belief in SamaraCare’s mission, the expansion is being funded in part by generous donations from individual donors as well as congregations.

“As we all know, the mental health needs in our community are greater than ever before,” explained Scott Mitchell, Psy. D., SamaraCare President and CEO. “With rates of depression and suicide being so high SamaraCare is seeking to expand our services so that all people, especially our most vulnerable, can receive the help they

SamaraCare / Counselors, Consultants, Advocates

For more than 47 years SamaraCare has been a leader in helping people achieve their greatest potential by being compassionate and spirit-led counselors, consultants and advocates. As counselors, professionals at SamaraCare treat the mind and spirit of children, teens and adults who are facing some of life’s more serious challenges.

As consultants, professionals at SamaraCare work with organizations to help them best serve their members and the community.

As unstoppable advocates, the professionals teach how good mental and organizational health allows individuals,
communities and societies to function at their very best.

For more information, visit samaracarecounseling.org or samaracareconsulting.org.

Story submitted by Karen Doyle, Director of Advancement & Outreach, for SamaraCare.

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