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Pulse of Naperville Music Scene – Music in the digital age


Working with artists and having many friends involved in the music business, I discuss the current musical climate often.

In our digital age, purchasing music is a rarity. When someone wants to hear music, they pull out their phone and stream it from services such as Spotify or Apple Music. At a low cost of about $10 a month, it is the standard source of music for most people in our world. So, how does the musician get paid?

I have a musician friend that has a song that’s garnered one million plays on Spotify. When he told me that he gets paid just under half a penny for each play, I almost stopped breathing. After I did the math though, I realized he was receiving a check for almost $5,000 for the song. He gives up no rights or ownership and there’s no overhead cost. Put in that context, I didn’t think it was too bad. His complaint is that it is not a sustainable source of income, and he has consistently petitioned to get the rates raised for the artists.

With all of that said, how long has it been since you heard Melissa Etheridge or Pitbull? How about Jake Owen, Stray Cats, or Steven Tyler and the Loving Mary Band?

Wait… you’ve never heard one of these artists?!

Well, it might be time to fire up your music service and send a few pennies to these artists as they prepare to play Naperville Ribfest!

Save the dates, July 4-7, at Knoch Park. And find more info at www.ribfest.net.

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Scott "Dr. Music" Itter
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