UPDATE, April 29, 2018

Dear Friends and Family, 

Wishing you a blessed Sunday! Here are a couple highlights from Colleen on the most recent blogpost. To read more from her, please visit: 


“I know one thing is true: I would have never ever made it this long without my amazing family, friends and community. It simply was way to much for one person to carry on their own. I want you all to know that many times throughout the day, I think of you and all you did for me and my family.”

With gratitude and love to all of you,

Katie Tyrrell Weimann

Here’s a pick from April 29, enjoying this beautiful sunshine. (Photo courtesy of Katie Tyrrell Weimann.)

Shining purple across North America, #Leak Weak 2018 runs March 4-10, 2018

UPDATE, March 4, 2018 

Dear Friends and Family,

It is Leak Awareness week across North America. Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support for Colleen Tyrrell Llacsa and her family. Currently, there is no cure for Colleen but palliative care medicine is helping her to maintain a quality of life these past few weeks. It has been a blessing to see her up and about.

We will never give up hope for a cure for Colleen and others who suffer from this debilitating illness. The Tyrrell Family Foundation was started to continue to raise awareness and support efforts for education and research in the medical field. We started this blog for you to keep up with Colleen’s story and our efforts.  

With Gratitude, 

Katie Tyrrell Weimann

Original Post, August 7, 2017

Special event to raise awareness for Cerebral Spinal Fluid Leak research

The public is welcome to join friends and family from 6PM to 9PM on Thurs., Aug. 17, 2017, in the Pavilion at Meson Sabika to raise funds for Colleen Tyrrell Llacsa’s family and to heighten awareness for Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) Leak research.

“For over two years, Colleen has been fighting the devastating effects of a CSF Leak,” said Katie Tyrrell Weimann. “Because of her condition, Colleen is unable to work, and requires assistance to care for herself and her three children.”

Weimann continued, “The mounting medical bills, including travel expenses to see medical experts, as well as childcare costs, have left Colleen and Jahary emotionally and financially devastated. Although we remain hopeful that she will eventually recover, the prognosis is uncertain at best. Colleen, Jahary and their children need our support.”

Every reservation includes tapas, two drink tickets and a donation to the family. Donations to the Llacsa family are not tax-deductible. Donations for CSF Leaks research are tax-deductible.

Tickets may also be reserved for $100 per person via mail. Make checks payable to: Naperville Bank & Trust. Please include Colleen Tyrrell Llacsa in the memo line. Mail to: Naperville Bank & Trust 555 Fort Hill Dr. Naperville, IL 60540. Attn: Estela Cefali.