Going to a different map and leaving this country can be a life-changing experience.

My sister is currently living outside Osan Air Force base in Seoul, South Korea. Her future husband is a doctor in the United States Air Force. Together, they have embarked on a journey taking them to almost my biggest, most-feared location on Earth. Never did I dream that she would live within missile range of a lunatic dictator. Leaving the United States for a place poised to be hit in the event that two leaders taunt each other into war is an incredible anxiety. Yet life there goes on in a remarkably calm fashion.

People who live in lands surrounded by danger the likes of which South Koreans faces, sleep like those of us who live free of such potential dangers. The South Koreans all go to work and school, they play and laugh and make the danger hovering over them a habit they largely ignore.

What a powerful lesson our friends there teach us. They hosted the Olympics Games with gracious hospitality and provided a metaphor for our world that demonstrated all countries united, even if there are powers bent on division and episodes of war.

Let us simply remain extended examples of the model this extraordinary country exemplifies.