Above / Since 2006, the Pavilion at Meson Sabika has been a perfect setting for popular fundraising events, including Spring for a Cure. The “Red Tie Event” has welcomed tables of friends, attired in something red to help raise money for research to help try and find a cure for blood cancers like Leukemia and Lymphoma.

Special message from Ray Kinney

Have you ever attended a charitable event in the Pavilion at Meson Sabika?

We all know how generous Hossein Jamali and Meson Sabika are, but what you likely don’t know is that the owners of the Pavilion, the Polivka family, often donate that space as well – without much fanfare or public recognition, but they waive the rental fee so these events can make as much money as possible for their respective charities and causes…

The Pavilion at Meson Sabika is located next to the historic mansion at 1025 Aurora Ave.

Reserve a seat or two or ten for Friday, April 13

I hope we can help them Pack the Pavilion for their last Red Tie Event on April 13! Spread the word!

Cancer…. how do I hate thee? In so many ways, cancer has affected every single person on this planet, and certainly in this community. Far too many lives lost, far too many hearts broken…

Fathers, mothers, children, friends, neighbors… cancer doesn’t care who it takes, it just keeps on taking. The survivors and fighters are to be lifted up, celebrated and supported – for theirs is a fight I don’t want to personally wage. But I WILL fight for others – family members, friends, community members, doesn’t matter – they need all of the love, support and help they can get.  

Deb Polivka

A group of friends came together more than 16 years ago to help raise money for blood cancers – through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. My good friend, Deb Polivka, was an original manager at Meson Sabika when a friend of hers and her husband Brad was diagnosed with cancer and they decided to do something meaningful about it – and started the first Spring for a Cure event to raise money for research to help try and find a cure for blood cancers like Leukemia and Lymphoma.

When Deb’s dad was diagnosed in 2003, they were inspired to do even more by creating the Red Tie Event. Deb even switched careers and went into nursing to help others.

The event once again will be at the Pavilion of Meson Sabika on Friday, April 13. 

Hossein Jamali and Brad Polivka

After 16 years of events and 11 years of the Red Tie Event, they have decided this will be the last one – so let’s fill the room and send them out with a fun, successful evening that will help fund much needed research. Deb and Brad have quietly done so much for this community, we should return the favor and make this the most successful Red Tie event ever!

Hossein Jamali has once again graciously donated the entire evening of food and drink, so 100% of each and every ticket goes to research.

So…grab some friends. Fill a table. Donate something for the auction…. if you are unable to attend, you can still make a donation.

But most importantly, support those around you who are fighting cancer…no one should fight alone. If we can find the cure for blood cancers the possibilities are endless.


Again, 100% of the proceeds benefit the Illinois Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Thanks for going to http://bit.ly/2DHFsnM to purchase tickets today.

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