Imagine that awareness – like so many things – exists on a spectrum.

One end is our less conscience and quiet sense when our environment changes. Like the coming dusk or dawn. The other end of the awareness spectrum is when we expect or feel imminent need or danger. Moments like growing hunger or goosebumps. The former type of awareness is passive and important; the later inspires action.

Turning Pointe again will honor Autism Awareness Month in April. We will open our school for tours and ask for support. We will share remarkable stories of student progress and hope to find new friends.

Turning Pointe trusts that most of you are already aware that many of your neighbors are impacted by autism. This April, we hope you will consider becoming aware on a new level. Awareness through action.

  • Visit us at Open House events every Thursday, from 6 to 9PM every Thursday in April, at 1500 W. Ogden in Naperville.
  • Volunteer by signing up at
  • Test Drive a car at participating dealerships in Test Drives for Autism. See our website for details.
  • Sip a Latte at the Made to Inspire Cafe in Lexus of Naperville.
  • Shop in our Made to Inspire Boutique at 1500 W. Ogden by appointment, at the Open Houses or online.
    Send a gift via our website or through the mail.
  • Light your house with a blue light during April to send all families impacted by autism a message of support.

Light ’em up blue to create autism awareness in April.

Even after dusk falls on April Autism Awareness Month, dawn will come again. And Turning Pointe will still serve families in May. But as we trust you to be aware, we trust that if you give us a chance to feed your curiosity about our work, we will move you to goosebumps. Your efforts of engagement will be as rewarded as our mission will be by your support.

Thank you. We look forward to working with you as we continue to carry out this important work in our shared community.

Did You Know? Turning Pointe Autism Foundation operates two schools in Naperville for students with autism. One serves the educational needs of junior high through transition age students and the other is a Career College for adults to gain employment skills. Turning Pointe also operates the Made to Inspire Café & Boutique.

For more information about all the programs and open houses available at Turning Pointe Autism Foundation, visit