Recently I had to check in at Edward Hospital for a test. I had to show a photo ID, so I gave her my driver’s license. She looked at it and said it had expired last October. What a surprise! Afterward, I went to the license bureau by 75th St.

He asked for my car license plate number. I didn’t have it on me. It was windy and bitter cold. But I went outside and wrote it down.

I came back in and he looked it up and told me he didn’t have any car with that license number. I told him it was a Florida license. So he kindly looked that up. The reason I have it licensed in Florida is I have a car I leave in Florida. I got fed up with having to go round and round with the bureaucracy up here, explaining to them the car never leaves that state…

So I licensed it in Florida, and while there, decided to license my Illinois car, too.

He asked me if I had a green card. I said no, I am a U.S. Citizen. Later, while talking with someone else, I was told it is an ID card that has some green on it. Wonder why he called it a green card?

I then had to drive to demonstrate I could still drive. Then my picture was taken. After paying $5.00, they said I would receive my driver’s license in about three weeks. And I guess the fee varies according to age. There was no penalty for late filing.

Here are some questions I had when I called the main office and spoke with a nice gentleman there who had answers.

1. What age is required for a driver’s license? 16.
2. When do you renew the license? Every four years.
3. Do we receive a notice? Yes, by mail.
4. When is a written test required? Only if you have received an infraction in the previous four years.
5. When is it required to take the driving test for seniors? Age 75 – 80 every 4 years. 81 to 86 every 2 years. 87 and up – annually.

Important: A new rule went into effect Jan. 22, 2018. If planning to fly from Illinois, you must have a driver’s license issued within the past year of your license expiration date, or a passport, or a “green card.” Otherwise TSA will not let you past the first check-point. This rule is in effect until Oct. 10. For further information, visit

Chuckle Time: A lady was stopped by a police officer for speeding. Her excuse was that she was in a hurry before she ran out of gas!