There was a Saturday Night Live skit in the early 80s about a mall store called the Scotch Tape Boutique. And all they sold was . . . Scotch Tape. Business was slow, but the shop owners were convinced that they could persuade community members to drive to the shopping center for the much needed, rarely purchased staple instead of conveniently picking it up when they were buying groceries or making a Walmart run. For some reason, I loved the absurdity of a specialty store that sold one product to a specific market.

Jump cut to December 2013 when Pinot’s Palette, “a unique, art-inspired entertainment concept catering to adults, corporations and kids,” first opened its doors in Naperville. While I read the shop’s description, I thought of the Scotch Tape Boutique: it will never last, once and done, that’s it. And boy, was I wrong! Now, over four years later, the thriving business serves hundreds of people each month by providing a party atmosphere where individuals, friends, families, and coworkers can share in a social activity and discover their hidden artistic talents as they “paint and sip” with friends old and new.

Pinot’s Palette holds painting classes daily led by degreed professionals. These instructors take students through a step-by-step process so that artists and non-artists alike can turn out masterpieces suitable for framing. With music in the background, snacks on the table, and a full service bar in the corner, apron clad participants can enjoy the two or three hour sessions, oftentimes losing themselves in the process. A full calendar of events featuring the painting of the day is posted on the organization’s website. Attendees can choose the day their desired image is offered and reserve their place in one of the public classes, tailored for couples, small groups and singles looking for art adventures. Private sessions are available for groups of 12 or more and offer the option of preselecting a painting from a painting library.

So, next time you are planning a bachelorette party, birthday celebration, girls’ night out, team building experience, or if you want to strike out on your own, consider joining those who have already made Pinot’s Palette a destination. It’s a place where you can “Paint. Drink. Have fun.” I think that says it all!

Pinot’s Palette is located at 175 W. Jackson, Suite 123, in downtown Naperville. For info, visit