With the month of February, we purchase roses, buy candy and give cards, all in the name of love. Lines at restaurants are long and marriage proposal rates are high. Love is peppered into news stories with longest lives lived together and flaming freely; examples of the finest couples prominently featured. There are good reasons one wishes to share with another person that filled to the top feeling of love. I don’t know of anything more powerful or light filled than the sensation we feel each time we lock eyes with the right person.

In my world, I’m not truly understanding love in this one. My autism makes me wonder how this game of love manages to link anyone. I’m not locked in by your really structured rules.

Love, in its pure form, does not discriminate by age, a person’s livelihood, lifestyle, race, religion or gender. Who we love begins in a place of safety and friendship of the most trusted kind.

Love that meets the criteria of being romantic is said to be friendship that caught fire. Most of my life I have wondered why language that flows so freely doesn’t contain more conversations about how much one feels in their hearts for the people in their life.

This Valentine’s Day, give someone the gift of telling them how highly good they make you feel. More than in any other time in history, loving must be expressed freely, and without boundaries.