I enjoy watching the Olympic Games and am amazed at the great athletic talent which exists amongst the Olympians. The 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games will expose a new generation of potential athletes to the power of sports.

Olympians can be considered the best athletes in the world who break the barriers of what has never been done before, however, only a handful of athletes will wear a medal around their neck, but all will walk away knowing that they have faced the challenge. All youth should have the opportunity to push the boundaries of possibility.

YMCA Youth Sports Programs offer guidance, support, and the opportunities that help kids find the courage and confidence to reach their fullest potential. YMCA sports programs for children focus on the development of healthy lifestyles, the values of cooperation and fair play, the involvement of parents in positive support roles, and individual children rather than the sport.

At the Y, we recognize Youth Sports Programs should be developmentally appropriate—responsive to the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive stages of childhood as determined by both age and individual readiness. Learning character values is a key element of YMCA sports, we emphasize concepts like teamwork, sportsmanship and that everyone plays. Some of our programs for older youth can be competitive, but we still maintain our character values.

The Y offers an array of exciting sports programs, selecting a sport program to participate can be as simple as selecting one you or your child has enjoyed. Your YMCA offers Basketball, Volleyball, Competitive Swimming, Tae Kwon Do, Parent Child Sports, and more. To learn more or to register contact the Fry YMCA at (630) 904-9595

Make an Olympic difference in the lives of your athletes—give them an opportunity to get involved in Y Sports.