Above / Whatever the weather, every school day the crossing guard near May Watts Elementary is an example of dozens of crossing guards who help keep students safe as they go to and from school every day. 

It’s early on Feb. 8, 2018, and folks outside for morning walks greet each other with comments like, “Are you ready for eight more inches of snow? …That’s the forecast…” 

During the predicted winter storm event Thursday evening into Friday, total snow accumulations could be 6 to 10 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

Already, snowflakes dance and flutter here and there.  The temperature hovers around 20 degrees under a huge overcast cloud and the ground is covered with a blanket of snow from recent snowfalls. And just as every weekday when school is in session 38 weeks a year, youngsters in Naperville head to school along designated school walk routes that have been mapped out by local officials to keep kids safe.

Though the numbers of students along the sidewalks may be reduced slightly when it’s below freezing outside—a time when more moms and dads drive their children to school— students are let out and picked up from vehicles near the intersection closest to school where parents know their children will be assisted by a friendly crossing guard.

No matter what the weather, those adult crossing guards, trained by the Naperville Police Department, are ready to greet the students at the intersections of major streets before and after school in accordance with neighborhood school hours.

Thank you, Crossing Guards, School Bus Drivers & Patient Drivers!

Here’s a big shout out in appreciation to all the reliable crossing guards who arrive in plenty of time to perform their duties in all kinds of weather. Thanks to dedicated school bus drivers, too.

And thanks to drivers for their patience as crossing guards and school buses help children arrive at school safely. Remember always stop for school buses when they are stopped and signaling that passengers are getting on and off the bus.

Families depend on all the friendly help along the way. Thank you! Thank you!

Walk-to-School Routes

Drive 25 mph unless otherwise noted throughout Naperville.

Did you know? School Walk Routes were developed through a cooperative effort between the City of Naperville’s Department of Transportation and Engineering, representatives from each of Naperville’s  two school districts and the Naperville Police Department.  The city updates the routes as necessary.

Whether school is in session or not, the speed limit on all neighborhood streets is 25 mph unless otherwise noted.

Further, many school locations throughout the city have School Speed Limit 20 MPH yellow flashers that activate when the guard is on duty.  Many of the elementary schools also have volunteer adult traffic safety supervisors.  These supervisors are recruited by the individual schools to assist with school safety in front of the school and at nearby crossings.  The Naperville Police Department trains volunteer supervisors and also arranges for the School Crossing Guards.

In addition, a number of the crossing guards take on double duty as friendly lunchtime helpers in the cafeteria, getting to know the kids in the most familiar ways. Anyone who has ever watched students cross and greet the crossing guards has witnessed the special, kind relationships most of them share.

Maps of the school walk routes and traffic control plans are available in PDFs on the city’s website.