In case you wondered what those sirens meant around noon near Hobson West…

A stunning mishap occurred during a driver’s test today at the Driver Services Facility (also known as the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles) in Hobson West, 75th Street at Rickert Road.

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An elderly man was taking his driver’s test with a DMV employee/instructor on the passenger’s side when he stepped on the gas while his car was in reverse gear, police said, and the car crashed through the window.

According to police and firefighters at the scene, no one was injured.

Driving tests were postponed for the afternoon.

By 2PM, all emergency vehicles had been cleared, the car had been removed from the front window and towed away, and workers were preparing the area in order to replace the window.

Above / By 2PM, Tues., Nov. 7, workers already were preparing the damaged window area for replacements.

UPDATE, Nov. 17, 2017 / The broken window near the entrance to the Driver Services Facility is still boarded up, waiting for insurance to kick in to pay for the repair, according to an employee for the Secretary of State.

In response to many queries regarding official results of the gentleman’s taking his driver’s test, he did not pass.

Above / While many consider this location to be the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Hobson West, signs distinguish it as the Driver Services Facility.