A new school year is filled with potential—a chance to start new routines and habits, build new friendships and discover new possibilities and interests. It’s an exciting time for many children. As children transition from summer to fall, the Naperville YMCAs are offering programs for school-aged children to keep youth active, busy and engaged during out-of-school time. Through a well-rounded approach to youth development, the Y’s programs offer activities in a caring and safe environment during the critical hours after school. Whether through sports, or academic support, the Y nurtures the potential of youth throughout the school year.

After school at the Y is an opportunity for families to ensure their kids are receiving additional support, continued learning and a chance to participate in meaningful activities that can inspire children’s motivations and abilities to succeed. Your Naperville YMCA offers programs such as Chess, Tae Kwon Do, Hip Hop, Zumba, Basic Spanish and more. These programs promote skill building and fun.

The Y is a leading nonprofit committed to nurturing the potential of every child, supporting their social-emotional, cognitive and physical development from birth to career. In the Naperville YMCAs after school programs youth receive homework support, physical activity, and opportunities to develop positive peer relationships. Children can participate in enrichment activities in science, literacy, arts, and service learning.

In addition to out-of-school time programs, the Naperville YMCAs offer programs which promote positive physical activity. Programs include Adaptive Fitness, Basketball and Volleyball, and Swim Team to name a few. These great programs help promote physical activity as well as support youth in developing new skills.

To learn more, feel free to call us at your Naperville YMCA: (630) 904-9595.