Above / The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness.

Pictured here with Judge Don Hennessy, Naperville Central High School senior Ryan Park received first-place honors in the 2017 American Legion Illinois State Oratorical Contest.

High School students in the Naperville area are invited to consider participating in the Annual National Oratorical Contest sponsored by the American Legion. The annual contest is focused on a speech regarding the U.S. Constitution. The Naperville contest level is scheduled for January 6, 2018.

Since 2006, Naperville American Legion Post 43 has had six Illinois State Champions who participated in the National Contest, one of whom received a 2nd Place college tuition award of $16,000, and another received a 3rd Place college tuition award of $14,000.

Other prizes also are awarded at the State and local contest levels.

For complete details, visit the Naperville American Legion Post 43 website at www.naperlegion.org and click links for Youth, Oratorical and PDF to read the “Essentials.”

For more information, contact Naperville Post Contest Chairman Don Hennessy at (630) 355-4679 or gddh55@sbcglobal.net