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Monday, January 30, 2023

Real Life – Lobster salad and little neck clams


An impromptu plan to celebrate our son’s birthday in upstate New York required a flight for us, and a bus ride for Jesse and Carly.

Neither lap went so well.

Ominously, our travels commenced at a gate in a remote terminal arm. Between carpets awash in allergens, low ceilings and few windows, I started to feel a bit antsy. We settled into our assigned seats, and my husband was fortuitously upgraded to First Class. With two Coach seats to myself, I felt relaxed and only slightly concerned that we appeared to be taxiing to Ohio.

Then we stopped.

The pilot made that announcement no one wants to hear. Rerouted around two storm cells, we would be adding 500 miles to our flight. There were questions about whether we had enough fuel on board.

Back to the terminal we taxied. Trying to remain positive, I imagined an iced Heineken, my exciting book, convivial meals and boat trips ahead. Delays are part of travel. No big deal.

Eventually, we arrived at our fully-booked hotel. We looked forward to dumping our bags and heading to the store for some party supplies. The universe, slyly, had other ideas. One room was perfect, but the second room was mysteriously locked. From the inside.

Between us, the front desk clerk and four service men’s muscle, the door was jimmied free. That problem was solved, but shopping time was evaporating. We managed to stock the refrigerators with snacks just before our son and his girlfriend arrived. Sadly, they appeared less than refreshed.

Storm hiccups of their own had produced terrible city traffic, a cancelled connection, then an emergency car rental. We were all famished, with but five minutes before restaurant kitchens closed.

Much travel angst can be dissipated by lobster salad and orders of little neck clams. Fortified by fresh seafood and mountain views, we meandered back to our rooms for a nightcap.

Such camaraderie was definitely worth the trip! (c)

Patti Koltes
Patti Koltes
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