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Circling Back – Where is Andy now?


by Jason Altenbern

Cornerstone Group Home for Boys has been an integral part of 360 Youth Services since 1986. The facility has enrolled more than 545 young men over that time and Andy True has been the facilities manager for the past 17 years.

Andy originally hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. He credits is parents and their heavy involvement civic organizations for reasons why he has developed such a passion for helping young people at a tender age. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in psychology and volunteered at Beech Acres to work with youth in therapeutic play as he completed his Master’s Degree in Social Work.

Andy finds his greatest passion in working with young men to help them understand they can have a positive future. He especially enjoys having the opportunity to provide advice how they can successfully move toward their dreams and goals.

Andy often finds inspiration from his Cornerstone colleagues. “Our work can be very challenging, but it is so rewarding to work with people who share such a strong commitment to our mission.” He has adopted a philosophy to always maintain a positive outlook in life and it is this collection of these experiences that has truly made an impact with others.

And that is where Andy is now…

 Jason Altenbern is Development Director at 360. Contact him at jaltenbern@360youthservices.org.

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