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Thursday, February 2, 2023

16 years of grinding


Bill Kreger, owner of Kreger’s Brat & Sausage Haus, and Dan Casey, owner of Casey’s Foods, exemplify the independent spirit and shop-locally initiative that this monthly publication with website has aimed to promote every day since it was launched on Sept. 1, 2001.

Together, Casey and Kreger have a storied history of supporting the community in a variety of ways that spans more than 150 years, both with passions to do their part to keep Naperville interesting.

Casey has been known to say, “Support your local businesses and you’ll always live in a nice community.”

Kreger (rhymes with beggar) is known for his family business that dates back to 1893.

Both independent businesses feature an array of fine products that attract neighbors, visitors and new customers as the two business owners contribute their energy and personal touches to the community.

While PN editors appreciate every business, large and small, that creates jobs and promotes prosperity in the community, we singled out Casey’s and Kreger’s and their fun-loving nature this month to help us emphasize the daily grind that has created their success behind the butcher counter as well as dramatize the challenges that every business owner faces every day in our ever-changing world.

While arranging the photo-op with the two businesses owners at Fredenhagen Park to mark PN’s 16th birthday, Casey said, “Sweet.”

Let PN begin its 17th year ever mindful to encourage spending money locally instead of online in another city or state, ensuring that our sales taxes are reinvested where they belong—right here where your heart is, right here in your hometown.

One more thing: It’s easy to fall into the grinding routine of waking up and pouring yourself the same old cup of coffee every day. That’s why you might want to check out “Cold Brew” in the dairy section at Casey’s Foods where a new product from Uncommon Coffee Roasters just might perk up your day.

The monthly PN grind

16 uses for Positively Naperville newsprint

For Readers

1. No need to recycle until next monthly issue comes out.

2. Aims to present authentic news you can use without hype.

3. Place to promote special events for worthy causes.

4. Attracts a great group of independent business owners as sponsoring advertisers.

5. Can take on vacation to catch someone reading in front of a landmark.

6. Too much good news must be left on the chopping block.

7. Learn about historic Naperville buildings.

8. A guide for local elections.

For Non-Readers

1. Can be used on floor to potty train puppies.

2. Can be used to line bird cages.

3. Can be used with vinegar to shine windows.

4. Easy to tear into strips for paper mache projects.

5. Use for origami project that folds into a sailor hat.

6. Crumple to help protect items for mailing.

7. Can be used as wrapping paper.

8. Use in the garden for weed control.



PN Ombudsman
PN Ombudsman
An ombudsman is Scandinavian in origin dating back to Viking times; and refers to a community representative; usually acting independently on behalf of an organization, body of elected officials, or civic group. Thanks Scandinavia for inventing ombudsman.