Lion is a movie that last year was nominated for an Academy Award. It tells the life story of a boy’s glaringly shocking journey miles and years away from his family and home.

Hanging on for dear life, how he lived is nothing this country of ours could comprehend.

The story is true and the country it begins in is India. Bright and greatly courageous, this boy dealt with more than any adult might manage. What is most compelling in this movie is not simply the story of one boy, it’s the story of the lost children in India and other parts of the world.

I am a news junkie, managing to watch hours of news a day. Yet, I don’t think I ever saw either in print or on TV any mention of the 80,000 children presumed missing in India each year.

How can we spend hundreds of hours a week focused on mean tweets and petty political fighting with horrors occurring to children not just in India, but all over the globe? A civilization is judged on its treatment of its most vulnerable. Can we compel our leadership to apply pressure to those countries allowing the exploitation of those who are most precious.

As our own children gear up to return to school, let each of us imagine the world as if our one priority was every child.