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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Circling Back – Where is Russ now?


by Jason Altenbern

360 Youth Services circles back this month to give special recognition to Russ Wolf for his many years of support to our organization. Russ first became aware of our organization as an Student Resource Officer at Naperville North High School for the Naperville Police Department. Friends advised he should come to an Operation Snowball retreat if you really want to learn about teenagers. That was 26 years ago. Since then, Russ has actively participated in more than 60 weekend retreats and established relationships with thousands of students.

Russ recently retired from the police department after a 30-year career, but he keeps an active schedule with 360. When asked why he continues to participate in retreats, Russ shares, “It is rewarding to work with high school students and watch how they grow over the four years.”

Being able to maintain long-term relationships with other adults is also a big reason why he continues to volunteer each year.

“We share a common goal of trying to help raise healthy kids… You learn a lot about healthy lifestyles when you have the chance to teach it to others. It’s kept my life in balance too.”

In closing, Russ adds, “I’ve seen countless numbers of teens who have gone on to become healthy, happy and productive adults. How valuable is that?”

At 360, we couldn’t agree more. We are grateful to our friend Russ Wolf and to all our adult volunteers for their many years of support to 360, our youth and our community.

Jason Altenbern is the Development Director for 360 Youth Services.

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