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Bright Future Stories


A few years ago, a well-known talk show host invited people to step out of the audience and onto the stage to share their stories. “Everyone has a story,” she said. The most compelling ones were those that revealed remarkable triumph over challenge. In talking about those trying times, they each described a person or place that helped them overcome those difficulties. At Loaves & Fishes, we’re committed to helping people write brighter future stories. It starts with healthy food, not just any filler, but “smart check” food that fuels good health and the resulting energy and focus to look ahead with hope. Most families leave with about 200 pounds of food that includes fresh fruits and vegetables. In the past, clients could come every two weeks; the agency is now piloting the opportunity to come for food every week.

Food is a big part of the experience. Additionally, clients are invited to participate in any number of CARES programs to help them change the trajectory of their situation. Many take advantage of computer classes. Others are part of the new “Moving Up” program designed to help each client discover their best path forward. Some receive a car from the car donation program to help them get to work which makes a pivotal difference. Additionally, emergency assistance is offered to help clients bridge a specific financial challenge, perhaps after a medical bill or other unforeseen circumstance. Most important, is the hope and dignity found at Loaves & Fishes. One client recently said, “After coming here, I feel human again.”

Hundreds of passionate volunteers, deeply committed staff and leadership are cheering them on. Our entire community is stepping up mightily to help. Your generosity is making the Loaves & Fishes story possible so our clients can write theirs.

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Nancy Wiersum
Nancy Wiersumhttp://www.loaves-fishes.org/
Nancy Wiersum is Vice President of Advancement at Loaves & Fishes Community Services and can be contacted at nwiersum@loaves-fishes.org. Visit www.loaves-fishes.org for more information.

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