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Volunteer coordinator gears up to fill four days of Ribfest shifts


 Above / Special Ribfest Memory: In 2014, volunteers Abel Hernandez and Lisa Hernandez came all the way from Beaver Creek, Ohio (in white t-shirts), to volunteer at Ribfest where they met Exchangites Emy Trotz and Kathy MacKowiak (in their official 2014 blue shirts).
Anna Zimmerman rides her bike to and from Knoch Park every day during Ribfest.

Anna Zimmerman has a collection of Ribfest shirts representing the first 29 fundraising festivals hosted by the Exchange Club of Naperville. Every Ribfest has raised funds for social service agencies that help prevent child abuse.

 In 2006, Zimmerman served as Ribfest Chairman, “the year of the tie-dyed shirt when REO Speedwagon performed opening night to a sold-out crowd.”

Looking forward, Zimmerman notes the 2017 event runs from Friday, June 30 to Monday, July 3. The 30th annual Ribfest needs help in a lot of different areas, with something available for everyone who wants to lend a hand. Many Ribfest volunteers return every year, just as Zimmerman has done since she joined Exchange Club of Naperville.

This year when Zimmerman dons the 30th version of the Ribfest shirt, she’ll be managing her official volunteer job as leader of the paid volunteer corps. For months, she’s been helping to fill 6-hour shifts that require roughly 4,000 workers over the four-day festival.

Volunteer online!

Individuals who want to volunteer can login and sign up online at www.ribfest.net. Volunteers are needed for Child ID, trash pick-up and gate keepers at three different gates where patrons pay admission to enter.

Volunteer for nonprofits!

Zimmerman manages the volunteers that want to team up for 6-hour shifts, scheduled every day, mostly 11AM-5PM and 4-10PM.

Nonprofit organizations such as scout troops, church groups, school spirit and booster clubs that desire to earn funds for their organization can contact Zimmerman at volunteers@ribfest.net.

A special clean-up team is needed from 10 to midnight on July 3. Other day-time shifts for clean up are 12 to 5PM. And other shifts are 4 to 10PM or 10:30PM, she said, “with some flexibility.”

Depending on the shift and the number of volunteers, Ribfest will pay from $600 to $1,000 for a 6-hour shift.

Teen volunteers also are welcome with adult supervision.

For more information about paid shift opportunities, email volunteers@ribfest.net.

One more thing: After the 30th Ribfest is another fond memory, Zimmerman plans to commission a designer to sew all 30 shirts into a commemorative quilt. That way she’ll remember all the good times and Ribfest friends that she considers her second family. Cheers!

Exchange Club of Naperville and Ribfest

Volunteer-run and mission-driven, the Exchange Club of Naperville welcomes volunteers to assist in making Ribfest the premier outdoor summer festival in the area. Chartered in 1987, the Exchange Club of Naperville is dedicated to the elimination of child abuse and domestic violence in all forms. Since its beginning 30 years ago, Exchange Club has raised more than $15.5 million from its service activities at Ribfest, providing financial contributions to more than 50 local charities.

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