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Be prepared to cast ballot in Consolidated Election by April 4, 2017


Above / Early voting for registered voters in DuPage and Will Counties is now in progress at the Naperville Municipal Center, Olive Trees Condominiums and Fox Valley Mall through April 3, 2017. Election Day is April 4, 2017.

UPDATE April 5, 2017 / Link to 2017 Consolidated Election Results…

Directional signs help show the way to Early Voting at the Naperville Municipal Center from March 20 to April 3. (PN File Photo)

Early Voting at the Naperville Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle Street, runs March 20 through April 3, in advance of the 2017 Consolidated Election on April 4, 2017.

Early voting hours for DuPage County voters in Lower Level Meeting Room A are 8:30AM to 7:30PM Mon. through Fri., 9AM-5PM on Saturdays and 10AM-4PM on Sundays.

Hours for Will County voters upstairs in the City Clerks’s Office are from 8:30AM-4:30PM Mon. through Fri., 9AM-noon on Saturdays and Sundays.

Two more Early Voting sites

Early Voting is also offered the same hours at Olive Trees Condominiums, located at 200 E. Bailey; and the Fox Valley Mall, 195 Fox Valley Center.

Wherever and whenever you vote, be prepared. PN appreciates that the candidates have participated in numerous forums and provided many opportunities for voters to get to know them. And those videos are linked below.

Early Voting leaves little room for any registered voter to have an excuse not to vote. PN, however, enjoys the tradition of voting on Election Day, April 4. On Election Day polls will be open from 6AM to 7PM.

Thank you for taking an interest and being an informed voter where it matters most—locally, right here in your hometown.

Links to previous posts & brief history of 2017 Consolidated Election

Click here to find a previous post featuring links from candidates’ requests as well as to see photos of candidates participating in forums for the competitive elections in this campaign season.

Note the four candidates running for the Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners will fill the four 4-year seats without a contest.

PN appreciates all candidates, their families and supporters for helping Naperville and its governing taxing bodies put forth slates of hopefuls that want to serve in thoughtful and prudent ways.

Win or lose, remember to take down campaign signs immediately following Election Day on April 4.

Whether candidate or voter, thank you for participating in this important election for the future of Naperville.

Note that candidates’ websites are linked to this website upon request only. PN does not assume a candidate would want to be linked.

Before heading to the polls, consider watching recent meetings of City Council, school boards and park district board of commissioners to see incumbents currently serving.

Archives for: City Council  / School District 203 / School District 204  / Naperville Park District

Get to know all candidates! View forums linked below.

In ballot order to fill four 4-year seats on Naperville City Council are Judith Brodhead, Michael Leland Isaac, John “Johnny” Krummen, Kevin Michael Coyne, Julie Berkowicz, Kevin M. Gallaher, Benny White and Michael Strick.

Views videos available from forums featuring candidates for Naperville City Council:

Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation Forum (February 8, 2017)

Q&A from Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce City Council Candidate Forum (March 13, 2017)

Naperville Indian Community Outreach City Council Forum (March 18, 2017)

Naperville League of Women’s Voters City Council Candidate Forum (March 22, 2017)

No contest for Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners will happen for four 4-year seats up for election as only four individuals—Mike Reilly, Mike King, Bill Eagan and Bobby Carlsen —turned in petitions.

In School District 203, five hopefuls— Kristin W. Fitzgerald, Donna E. Wandke, Charles Cush, Shirley DeCorte and Paul Leong—are running for one of the four 4-year seats. Two candidates, Kristine Gericke and Robert W. Fieseler, Jr., vie to fill the unexpired 2-year term.

Views videos available from forums featuring candidates from District 203:

Naperville Area Homeowners (Click Here) Confederation Forum (February 20, 2017)

Naperville School District 203 and Naperville League of Women’s Voters Forum. (March 13, 2017)

In School District 204, eight local residents —Mike Raczak, Laurie Donahue, Vasavi Chakka, Renata Sliva, Cathy Piehl, Susan Taylor Demming, Marlan Brazier and J. Randy Sidio —are running for four 4-year terms. (Note: Marland Brazier dropped out of the race, but his name still will appear on the ballot.)

Views videos available from forums featuring candidates from District 204:

Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation Forum (February 16, 2017)

Indian Prairie Education Association and Indian Prairie Classified Association Forum (February 22, 2017)

Indian Prairie Parents’ Council and League of Women Voters Forum (March 7, 2017)

Naperville Township Supervisor: (Vote for 1) Rachel Ossyra (R) Eddie Bedford (D)

Township Clerk: (Vote for 1) Barry Greenberg (R) Nathanael Sippel (D)

For (Vote for not more than 4) Township Trustee: Kerry Malm (R), Paul Santucci (R), Jim Ruhl (R), Heather Bejda (R)  Loretta Burke (D) Julie Federico (D) John Waller (D) Glenn Jones (D)

Township Highway Commissioner: Stan Wojtasiak (R).

Township Assessor: Warren Dixon III (R).

Lisle Township / Supervisor: (Vote for 1) Richard J. Tarulis ( R) Mary Jo Mullen (D)

Township Clerk: (Vote for 1) Robert J. Klaeren II ( R) Gerald T. Galloway (D)

Township Assessor: (Vote for 1) John D. Trowbridge II ( R)

Township Highway Commissioner: (Vote for 1) Ed Young ( R) Stephen A. Winz (D)

Township Trustee (Vote for not more than 4) Michael A. Tams (R) Michael E. Riedy (R) Jerome “Jerry” Buch (R) Kathleen Chatman (R) Dave Melsbakas (D) Mohammed Waheed (D) Sean Allen (D) Drew Bolda (D)

DuPage Township / Supervisor: (Vote for 1)  William M. Mayer ( R)  (D)

Township Clerk: (Vote for 1)  Patricia Mayoral Stach ( R)  (D)

Township Assessor: (Vote for 1) Jean Kelly

Township Collector: (Vote for 1)  Gary Hoffman ( R)  (D)

Township Trustee (Vote for not more than 4) Dennis Raga, Ken Burgess, Maripat Oliver, Alyssia Benford

Wheatland Township / Supervisor: (Vote for 1) Debra Hoelscher ( R)  (D)

Township Clerk: (Vote for 1) Jacob Snitko ( R)  (D)

Township Assessor: (Vote for 1) Chuck Kern (R)

Township Highway Commissioner: (Vote for 1) Bill Alstrom ( R)  (D)

Township Tax Collector / Cemetery Manager: (Vote for 1) Ben Peterson (R) (D)

Township Trustee (Vote for not more than 4) Jeffrey DeRango (R) Raquel Mitchell (R)  Colleen Rotkis(R)  Susan Schaller (R)  (D)  (D)  (D)  (D)

Winfield Township / Supervisor: (Vote for 1)  Dona L. Smith (R)  (D)

Township Clerk: (Vote for 1)  Nicole M. Prader (R)  (D)

Township Assessor: (Vote for 1) Mark W. Mallay (R)

Township Highway Commissioner: (Vote for 1)  John S. Dusza ( R)  (D)

Township Trustee (Vote for not more than 4) Barbara C. Bernacki Alekna (R) Donald R. Voelz (R) Zachary E. Halley (R) Michael Guglielmi (D)  (D)  (D)  (D)

Milton Township / Supervisor: (Vote for 1) Chris Heidorn ( R)  (D)

Township Clerk: (Vote for 1)  Gail Peironnet Hinkle ( R)  (D)

Township Assessor: (Vote for 1) Chris E. Levan

Township Highway Commissioner: (Vote for 1)  Gary L. Muehlfelt ( R)  (D)

Township Trustee (Vote for not more than 4) Sal Falbo (R) Martin “Marty” Keller (R) Y. Nick Nathwani (R) David Molitor (R) Brandon Smith (D) Thomas Gramm  (D)  Bruce C. Fogerty (D) Roz Iaccino (D)

(Note: The City of Naperville is served, in portions, by six townships: Naperville, DuPage, Lisle, Milton, Wheatland and Winfield. Illinois is home to 1,432 townships.)

Binding Question / The ballot in the Consolidated Election on April 4, 2017, will ask voters in Naperville Township and Lisle Township:

“Shall the Naperville Township Road District and the Lisle Township Road District of DuPage County, Illinois, be consolidated into one consolidated Township Road District?”  YES or NO

The College of DuPage Board of Trustees has openings to fill two 6-year seats in the county-wide race by petitioners Christine Fenne, of Wheaton; Dan Markwell, of Lombard; Taso Triantafillos, of Addison. One two-year term (unexpired) will be sought by Alan Bennett, of Lombard (No incumbents filed petitions by the deadline on Dec. 19, 2016. After candidates received petition objections, they were omitted from ballot.)  

Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation College of DuPage Board of Trustees Forum (March 6, 2017)

DuPage Township, Lisle Township, Milton Township, Naperville Township, Wheatland Township and Winfield Township as well as both school districts and the College of DuPage serve beyond the city limits of Naperville and will be on the ballot.

FYI, the Consolidated Election has attracted residents running to serve Naperville Township and School District 204 from Naperville and Aurora. No residents from Naperville filed to run for COD.

Thanks for your interest in the future of the Naperville community.

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Post Last Updated on March 25, 2017

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