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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Circling Back – Where is Nick now?


It was a great day for 360 Youth Services’ Transitional Housing resident Nick when he received a car recently from the Loaves and Fishes CARES Car program. Such vital support expands the residents’ employment opportunities and makes getting to college classes a possibility. Many of 360’s housing clients have only bicycles for transportation or need to rely on friends to transport them. While a bicycle is a great mode of transportation locally and in nice weather, it limits the range for jobs or college classes. That makes being on time for work, classes or other appointments difficult. Nick is thrilled with the new independence, and everyone at 360 is thrilled to see him fulfill his goals.

While Nick is on the move with his new car, I too am on the move. This month I began at Loaves & Fishes as Vice President of Advancement, which speaks to my personal passion of helping those who are faced with the challenge of a low income. However, you will definitely continue to hear about the success of 360 Youth Services clients here through many of the staff. From wonderful stories generated through the Snowball and prevention programs, to the life-changing journeys shared by past counseling clients, to the amazing graduates of the 360 housing program, every one of their stories is a powerful testament to hope and change. Each of them will inspire me forever.

And where is Nick now? Like so many other 360 clients, he’s driving straight into a bright future!

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