Above / During his recent visit to Naperville to paint murals for Quiubo, Mexican artist Spaik received approval from the owners as he put finishing touches on his four original paintings, each designed to reflect a region of Mexico. (PN Photo)

Representing Aztec art, the eagle is among several original designs by Mexican artist Spaik that grace the walls at the new Quiubo.

After continued success in Geneva and Glen Ellyn, Bien Trucha Group (BTG) is set to launch Quiubo as the latest concept following renowned restaurants Bien Trucha (BT) and a toda madre (atm). Quiubo, pronounced “cue-boh,” is the fusion of two words: “qué” (what) and “hubo” (happened); a Mexican slang for “what’s up?”.

As part of BTG, Quiubo will have the freedom to develop its own personality while still being part of a bigger family—one that has extremely high standards for its shared values: unique and delicious flavors, top quality ingredients, attentive service, original design and distinctive-energetic ambiance.

Quiubo’s approach to Mexican cuisine will be one that respects classic staple dishes and flavors from all regions of Mexico, interpreting them in the most honest-unique way by combining ancestral and modern techniques. A good percentage of the menu will change with the seasons, constantly showcasing a variety of Mexico’s vast cuisine. Designated along with the French as the only two cuisines considered world cultural treasures by UNESCO, traditional Mexican food is so diverse and rich from state to state.

For folks familiar with BT and atm, Quiubo’s menu also will be meant to share. A few staples from its sister restaurants will be found here, but the great majority of the dishes will be unique.

“Our idea has always been to create original menus for every new restaurant that we open,” noted Chief Culinary Officer and Partner, Ricardo Garcia-Rubio. “People constantly ask us why don’t we just keep opening more Bien Truchas and the answer is simple… we approach each new space as a blank canvas where we can let the creativity of all our team keep flourishing; replicating the same thing is just not part of our DNA.”

The open kitchen and signature upbeat-energetic ambiance that have made BTG concepts so unique in the suburbs will also define this space. The design will be an eclectic combination of industrial-raw finishes with vintage touches of the “Acapulco Golden Era” and wall murals by Mexican artist, Spaik.

“We are thrilled to finally be part of the Naperville community,” said Julio Cano, Chief Business Officer and Partner of BTG.

“I’m super excited to add Quiubo to the great mix of what we have now,” said Mayor Steve Chirico, noting that downtown and, in fact, all throughout the city, the hospitality community offers many one-of-a-kind restaurant choices with delicious menus and their own personalities.

“We’ve become a great dining destination,” added Chirico. “If your first choice is full, something else is just as good.  Quiubo’s menu is sure to enhance Naperville’s reputation of having an eclectic variety of unique choices. I’m really excited Quiubo is here as we open Water Street this spring.”

Quiubo will open to the general public at 5PM on Wed., March 8.  When in full operation, hours are expected to be 7 days a week for lunch and dinner service, and a brunch menu on Sundays.  Reservations will be taken starting March 20.

News release submitted by Daniell Sanfilippo for Quiubo (Pronounced “Cue-Boh”).