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Circling Back – Where is Monique now?


When Monique courageously addressed the audience at 360 Youth Services’ Gala last month, it was a celebration of her triumph over many challenges. She was a young teenager when her mother first brought her to 360’s counseling program. Now several years later, she shares her story in hopes of helping others. She says among other challenges, she was suffering from depression and anxiety, and describes herself as unstable then. She didn’t have a relationship at all with her mother.

Though she didn’t want to go at first, she gradually came to value the sessions and realized she was feeling better. One counselor in particular really helped her open up and see why she might be feeling the way she was. She felt validated, and learned that she is in control of changing. She saw several different therapists along her journey, and each helped in their own way.

Today, she and her Mother are close and her mother even joined her at the Gala. Monique encourages others to seek help at 360. There is always someone ready to talk with young people and their parents to help them navigate through their particular set of challenges; call (630) 717-9408 Ext. 1180.

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Monique is in her twenties now and just got a new job with more opportunity.

At the Gala, she said about her experience at 360, “I’m here. I stayed courageous. I came this far. I can reach for help. I am proud to be me. I stay true to myself.”

And that’s where Monique is now.

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