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School District 204 releases state test results, video regarding political forum


FYI: Fast Facts handout, October 2016

UPDATE, Oct. 26, 2016“It’s our future. It’s our time. And we have to now step-up and take that mantle so we can ensure our future is safe and secure.” — District 204 high school student at a political forum

District 204 high schools partner with the civics education group Mikva Challenge, which encourages youth to be informed, empowered, active citizens and community leaders. Through this partnership, students from all three high schools recently had the opportunity to work with political candidates and moderate a Candidate Fair and Forum. The event allowed students to talk directly with candidates and campaign representatives to learn about the issues.

Watch this month’s Explore 204 to hear students explain why they feel it’s important for their generation to be engaged during this election.

Original Post, Oct. 25, 2016 / In the official email newsletter for Indian Prairie School District 204, residents were enlightened by the results released from the state that show District 204’s stable scores on the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) continue to exceed state averages.

Click here for the Assessment Presentation.

From 204 E-News

This is the second year that students in grades 3 through 8 took the test in English and math. High school students enrolled in English 1 or Algebra 1 also took the test, which was administered online for all students.

Elementary students scored approximately 20 percentage points higher than state averages in English. The same students scored approximately 29 percentage points higher in math.

At the middle school level, students exceeded state averages in English by 23 percentage points and 29 percentage points in math.

High school students scored 40 percentage points higher in English and 17 percentage points higher in math.

Superintendent Karen Sullivan said she was pleased that the overall scores exceeded state averages, but she wants to continue the district’s focus on closing gaps with student groups.

“When you break out the data by student groups, you can see there is work to be done. Specifically, our Black, Hispanic, economic disadvantage, and special education groups have scored above the state averages for each group, but lower than the overall district average,” noted Sullivan in the newsletter. “The gaps are unacceptable and need to close.”

The district started working this year with two outside organizations to focus on raising academic performance for student groups. High school staff are partnering with Equal Opportunity Schools to work on minority student achievement and district administrators are working with the District Management Council to improve the effectiveness of services for struggling learners and students with special needs.

Test scores were discussed at the October 24, 2016, Board of Education meeting.

To watch the board meeting discussion, visit 204tv.org.

An archive of videos related to School District 204 also has been saved for around-the-clock viewing at 204tv.org.

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