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DuPage County District 5 candidates will answer questions from homeowners


Above / Council Chambers in the Naperville Municipal Center will be the location for a DuPage County Board candidate forum at 7PM Mon., Oct. 3, 2016.

Remember! At 8PM (Naperville time) Mon., Sept. 26, the first of three 2016 Presidential Debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be broadcast live throughout the nation and the world with Lester Holt as the moderator. The 90-minute debate, held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y.,  is being touted by some commentators as a “Superbowl” of debates, expected to attract upward of 100 million viewers.

Then next week for additional voter education, the Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation will ask local candidates about their positions and plans if elected to be part of the DuPage County Board. The NAHC will host its second 2016 Election Forum beginning at 7PM on Monday evening, October 3, 2016, in the City Council Chambers of the Naperville Municipal Center.

The candidates’ panel will feature incumbents Jim Healy (R) and Tony Michelassi (D), together with their respective challengers, Regina Brent (D) and Janice Anderson (R).  Forum Moderator Kathy Benson will direct candidate questions provided by the Homeowners Confederation Board and audience members within the City Council chambers.

Healy and Brent are running for the 4-year term.

Michelassi and Anderson seek the 2-year term.

PN 2016 General Election & Voter’s Guide lists all the candidates that want to serve Naperville in DuPage County, Will County, Springfield and Washington, D.C. Thanks for being informed before Nov. 8.

“With a four-year and a two-year seat available, and incumbents (one from each party) facing off against challengers from their opposing party, this will be a good time to hear what differentiates these candidates along with their vision for County government,” Homeowners Confederation President Bob Fischer explained in a news release.  “We are looking forward to asking the questions homeowners want answered and hearing more from the candidates about  issues important to our neighborhoods.”

In addition to being available to the audience in Council Chambers, the forum will be broadcast live on the City of Naperville government access channel, WCNC (Channel 6 WOW, Channel 10 COMCAST, and Channel 99 AT&T).  The forum also will be available for streaming from the Internet at the City of Naperville website.

Throughout the campaign season, the NAHC serves its mission to foster dialogues at all levels of government by hosting public forums featuring hopeful candidates vying to serve the Naperville community.

The Naperville Municipal Center is located at 400 S. Eagle Street.

The first NAHC Election Forum, held on Mon., Sept. 19, was dedicated to the advisory questions regarding Naperville Township that will be on the ballot.

Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation

The Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation serves the community by providing the means to foster communication between member associations, homeowners, and government officials. Through this communication, networking, and neighbors-helping-neighbors, the Confederation is the vehicle through which homeowners and residents can stay abreast of community affairs and generate a positive influence on the area’s future. For more information, visit www.napervillehomeowners.com.

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And while you’re thinking about tonight’s debate, save time for other upcoming debates…

2016 Presidential Debates 

Oct. 9 (Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO);

Oct. 19 (University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV)

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