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Stay Tuned – Spirit of ‘Make Music Naperville’


After July’s Lollapalooza lunacy, it was a nice palette-cleanser to witness Naperville’s millennials take the stage rather than rush it. Make Music Naperville, a festival championed by Grace Pointe Church – among other parishes – summoned aspiring artists and music-lovers alike to the streets of downtown Naperville this past August.

“Grace Pointe desired to celebrate the city of Naperville, the creativity of musicians in Naperville through original music, and to create a forum to provide a voice for artists,” explained Derek Webster, lead pastor at Grace Pointe.

The festival lasted throughout the day on August 6, consisting of five outdoor venues and music genres ranging from indie rock to gospel.

Alternative electronic band Second Grade played Fredenhagan Park, drawing a considerable crowd made up of enthusiastic friends and curious onlookers. Gabe Dreschler and Nick Green shared the frontman responsibility, rotating on lead vocals, drums, and guitar. A disembodied voice produced by the band itself introduced the group and various songs – a feature unique to the performance and to the festival as a whole.

“It was incredible playing in a relaxed outdoor environment, showcasing ourselves to new people as well as some familiar faces,” expressed Dreschler.

As the sun set and the clock struck seven, musicians and spectators walked away with bonds old and new – a goal that the festival hoped to achieve.

“The motivation behind it is love: a love for Naperville, for musicians seeking to express something unique in creative ways, and for the God who gifted us with that creativity,” voiced Webster.

Thank you Grace Pointe Church, KLOVE 94.3, North Central College, and all the sponsors for providing a creative outlet for our local musicians.

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Caitlyn Vandevelde
Caitlyn Vandevelde
Caitlyn Vandevelde is a senior at Neuqua Valley High School.