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Positively Naperville celebrates independents in the Jaycees Labor Day Parade


Positively Naperville always is happy to be part of the Jaycees Last Fling Labor Day Parade, especially since the Jaycees and Jaycees Roosters helped launch the first issue of the independently-owned monthly community newspaper in September 2001.

The Jaycees were featured on the cover that first year when the monthly publication began promoting community events and the importance of supporting the local small business community with its message, “Catch the spirit. Shop Locally.”

Then in 2008, Positively Naperville was there to help launch IndieBound Naperville, a growing group of independent businesses where you’ll see a bright red “IndieBound Naperville / Love your Local” sign in the window.

PN Gallery of Photos with a display of independents!

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With the lively music of a jazz ensemble of musicians from the Pete Ellman Big Band, PN’s entry in the 2016 Labor Day Parade followed Anderson’s Bookshops and a cast of characters from classic children’s books.

Thanks to independent merchants Ellman’s Music Center and The Growing Place for helping PN promote more than 150 local independents featured at www.indieboundnaperville.org.

Also note Bill Kreger marching with independents.  Not only is Kreger one of PN’s sponsors, Kreger hosts monthly IndieBound Naperville meetings at Kreger’s Brat and Sausage House, usually at 6PM on the first Monday of the month. Because of Labor Day, the next meeting is Sept. 12, 2016. Owners and managers of independent businesses are welcome to join the educational organization in support of small businesses.

In addition, Friends of Steph will host the annual big brat block party benefit at Kreger’s, Sunday afternoon until 6PM, Sept. 11, 2016. Kreger’s Brat and Sausage House is located at 605 N. Ellsworth. Free admission, live music, raffle prizes and much more. The community is welcome.

Thanks for shopping, dining, banking & entertaining locally!

Thanks, Naperville Jaycees! Thanks also for grants in support of the Naperville Riverwalk (Jaycees Marina, Jaycees Playground and Jaycees Gazebo) where the Last Fling is held all along Jackson Avenue and Rotary Hill.

And thanks to all the advertising sponsors and contributors that have made Positively Naperville a reality for 15 years!

Tomorrow Positively Naperville begins its 16th year! Cheers!

As emcees Nicki Anderson and Liz Spencer noted during the live broadcast of the Labor Day Parade on NCTV17, the showcase of marching bands and community groups will be rebroadcast for local viewing pleasure on Naperville Community Television.

The Labor Day Parade, honoring the first 50 years of the Naperville Park District, is slated to run at 8PM Sun., Sept. 5; 7PM Wed., Sept. 7; 10:30AM Thurs., Sept. 8; and 2PM Fri., Sept. 9, on Channel 17.

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