A townhome, a career, and a whole new beginning are all being celebrated by former 360 Youth Services Transitional Housing resident Terico.

His life now is in stark contrast to what it had been. Family members using drugs and difficult dynamics contributed to his homelessness. He describes his situation when he was 16 as a “rough place.” He found himself in and out of shelters, spending nights with friends, in a car, and even sleeping in a graveyard mausoleum where he used his backpack for a pillow.

He was connected to 360 by a shelter and still remembers the day Program Manager Damir “rescued him” and gave him the keys to his 360 Transitional Housing apartment.

Since that time, Terico worked through the program and learned many valuable life skills. He says he wasn’t just another resident to the staff, especially his Case Manager Amanda; they were genuinely interested in him and helping him find his future. That future includes a career at Comcast as a technician. He loves the work because he uses many tools and is both inside and out.

“I work really hard,” says Terico, “I take it so seriously. To some people, it’s just a job; to me, it’s a career.”

He is focused on being a responsible employee, making wise choices, and keeping a good relationship with God, too. During the two years he was at 360, he was able to prepare for the meaningful independent life he envisioned. And that’s exactly where Terico is now.