Above / During a recent vacation, Naperville residents Brand and Mary Ann Bobosky and their grandchildren read PN at the Nitra Clock Tower in Naperville’s Sister City, Nitra, Slovakia.

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loave & fishes CARESTo PN & Friends / Last Saturday, at “Night to End Hunger” held at Rich Harvest Farms, we were proud to announce the formal combining of Loaves & Fishes and Naperville CARES. This joining of forces, effective July 1, 2016, represents a major step for both organizations, as we have each created strong program models and will now integrate resources and programs to provide an elevated level of excellence in service to the community.

This combination provides significant benefits to our under-resourced neighbors, such as Karen, who shared,

“It is hard to ask for help. I started working when I was twelve years old. I have been an independent woman who supports myself. Even when I was married I did my part financially. I have run into tough times the last four years with personal problems. Life has been challenging for a while. Your work is so incredibly valuable, and – more good news – after applying for a few jobs with my new resume and cover letter skills that you helped me with, I got an interview and a job!”
You have helped us evolve and expand our mission as well as benefit more of our neighbors with impactful programs.  We hope you will continue your support today with a fiscal year-end donation. With your assistance, we will be able to leverage the expertise of our combined organizations in addressing local hunger and poverty. —Mike Havala, Chairman of the Board & Interim CEO 
To learn more about the combination of Loaves & Fishes and Naperville CARES,  click here. 

To PN / Independence Day is a day to remember the people who believed in our freedom and paved the way for every American to have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. —Dave Weeks

To Veterans in Touch Columnist Mike Barbour / Just a quick note to say how much I appreciated your story in the June edition of Positively Naperville. Yes, I’m one of the lucky ones. You’re right that it feels like these are statistics about Korea and WWII veterans… not those of us who were fortunate to come home in one piece and not suffer from any effects from PTSD or Agent Orange.  But I occasionally suffer rounds of survivors’ remorse… such as with the visit of The Wall on Rotary Hill late last year.  That one tore me a new one.  Again.  I know that’s nowhere near as bad as what others have been through. I truly am so thankful to be one of the lucky ones. Thank you for your reminder in PN.  I had no idea there were so few of us left.  And thank you for your work helping those who still need the help.  —Steve Hyett

To PN / Thanks for the great pictures of the car show and the chairs. I am out of town and missed a beautiful weekend in Naperville.  —Pat Benton

Editor’s Note: A simple search on this website for “Classic Car Show” and “Round Chairs” will take you to images of the June 18, 2016, events in downtown Naperville.

fritzTo PN / Thank you so much for the newspaper. It was so interesting reading and a welcome change
from the gloom and doom we are always hearing about. Thanks again. —Fritz Hellmer, Muncie, Indiana

To PN / Ella and Josette Kraimer from Munich with grandparents Brand and Mary Ann Bobosky reading PN at the Nitra Clocktower which plays songs on the hour such as the Beatles’ “Yesterday” which you can hear at Midnight. —W. Brand Bobosky

Editor’s Note: Please see featured photo for June Greetings at the top of this post. Thanks for reading!

To PN: New Horizons Band DuPage is a community arts organization composed of musicians 50 and older. We have been around DuPage County almost 20 years, performing several concerts annually. Over the years, your publication has helped us tremendously getting our concert news out to your readership in Naperville and beyond.


We really appreciate you! Proof is in the two attachments. We hope you can find a place for them in an upcoming edition.

Thanks for all that you do for Naperville and community organizations…and NHB DuPage!

—Tom Coyne, NHB Publicity Chair (retired)

To Columnist Barbara Blomquist / Thank you for mentioning Vote Smart’s data in your “TRANSITIONS – THE FREEDOM TO VOTE SMART” article, posted February 11, 2016.

Our mission is to provide voters with non-partisan information on their public officials, and as a non-profit it is often hard for us to reach mass audiences. We greatly appreciate your help with this, by sharing our research in your article!

Our database contains millions of speeches, voting records, interest group ratings, candidate biographies, issue positions, and campaign finance data. If you are writing a story on any state-level, Congressional, or Presidential candidates running in Election 2016 and are searching for a specific piece of research, please feel free to contact us. Our research director can be reached at research@votesmart.org, or call as at 406-859-8683 to see if we can help.

Thank you again for your help in sharing our research with others!

—Cassandra Reed, Development and Communications Associate, Vote Smart

Editor’s Note: Keep tabs on the general election and the candidates running to serve Naperville in DuPage and Will counties, Springfield and Washington, D.C.  Hopefuls who won the Primary Election on March 15, 2016, are featured on the PN Election Guide. Pay attention to questions that are being formulated to appear on the ballot. Will you vote “yes” or “no”?  After all deadlines have passed to participate in the November 8, 2016 General Election, PN’s Election Guide will be updated with the most currents links to candidates. Meanwhile, if you’re a Naperville resident wondering who serves you now, visit PN’s Government Guide. 

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato honor-guardTo PN / A new addition to the Memorial Day commemorative services this year was the joint American Legion (Post 43) / Judd Kendall VFW (Post 3873) Honor Guard that handled the early morning commemorative services and the one at the parade reviewing stand.

The Honor Guard was formed some months ago to provide honors, including a rifle salute, at graveside services for veterans.  After many practices it was reviewed and certified as an official military honors group. The response from the families of deceased veterans has been tremendous. Invariably, they come up to us after the service, telling us how beautiful it was and how much they appreciate it.   …  Jim Oftedal founded and commands it.  —Jim Vahle, Public Relations, American Legion Post 43

Editor’s Note: If a Naperville family wants to have a military honor guard for a local veteran, simply let the funeral home know when making arrangements. Upon request, families can have full military honors at their funeral, including a three-round volley and American flag presentation.

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