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Real News – St. Patrick, A Commercial Real Estate Developer?


March brings with it spring, warmer weather, and St Patrick’s Day. But maybe St Patrick’s Day, or those things that are Irish, are here all year.

This month, we take a look at those commercial real estate developments and shops that are, or have a tie to Naperville’s Irish heritage.

Now, some might say, that De Kruiff guy, what does he know anything about being Irish? De Kruiff does not sound Irish! While others might say, dark auburn hair (that is – what is left of it), nearly milk white complexion, maybe his mother’s clan were from Ireland.

Nope, not a single drop of Irish blood runs through my veins, Dutch and Italian (and to be more specific, 50 percent Italian and 50 percent Sicilian – it matters to those in the boot).

But as they say, on St Patrick’s Day, everyone’s s little bit Irish. That said, I enlisted my favorite Irishman and President of the West Suburban Irish, Chuck Corrigan to take a very quick look at all that is Irish commercial real estate.

While Chuck is the President of West Suburban Irish, he is also a partner in well-established Naperville law firm, which has a significant real estate practice. He notes places in Naperville that could be accused of celebrating St Patrick’s Day all year as:

  • Quigley’s Irish Pub in Downtown
  • The Irish Way gift shop in Downtown
  • The Running Company (St Paddy’s Day 5K sponsor)
  • Casey’s Foods in Naperville Plaza
  • The Murray House at Naper Settlement (home to one of the first Irish families)
  • Water Street Development (Nick Ryan’s Marquette Development company)
  • Soon to be added, The Empire Room by Ballydoyle in Downtown
  • And a mile worth of streets in Downtown Naperville on Sat., March 12, for the 2016 St Patrick’s Day Parade.

“According to the latest census data,” Corrigan said, “approximately 15 percent of Naperville residents are of Irish decent, but on St Patrick’s day, everyone can be Irish if they choose to be, and all are welcome.”

I, for one, will claim to be from Ireland that day!

Paul DeKruiff
Paul DeKruiff
Paul DeKruiff is married, father of three daughters and a 17-year resident of Naperville. Contact him at pauldekruiff@comcast.net or (630) 446-0049.