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Neuqua Students Launch Campaign for a new Naperville Flag


The Campaign for a Better Naperville Flag launched in February is looking to change Naperville’s city flag.

To do so, they are holding a public contest in which all of Naperville can submit designs for consideration. Then, the designs will be voted on by the public, and the finalists will be presented to the city council.

The Campaign is run by Connor Tenny, Andy Wang, Richard Ramos, Ritvik Manda, Nathan Ashta, Haider Sarwar, and Jack Penrose, all students Neuqua Valley High School. They have already gathered considerable support from the Naperville community, including organizations and companies.

Tenny, Executive Director, said, “Teens have a different way of looking at what’s around us. We’ve decided to harness that to make our community better.”

Taking inspiration from many other municipalities and countries that have launched initiatives for modern flags, the Campaign is looking to create a flag that is a source of unity for Naperville.

More information about the Campaign can be found at napervilleflag.org.

Submitted by Nathan Ashta and published in the March 2016 PN. 

Editor’s Note: Positively Naperville appreciates the spirit and enthusiasm behind the creation of a new Naperville flag to unite the community. We’re also curious and mindful about costs associated with officially adopting and promoting a new flag. (e.g. Costs associated with branding, printing, legal fees, flag poles and administration, etc.)

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