It may be the 45th Anniversary for 360 Youth Services, but there’s another number we’re celebrating today. The agency reached a significant milestone: 360 has served 1,000 homeless young people since its housing programs began in the 70’s.

It started with the Cornerstone Group Home for Boys. At any one time, there are eight teenage boys benefitting from this compassionate home. In 2000, the Men’s Transitional Housing Program was introduced. Then came the Women’s Transitional Housing Program, followed by the Q program for those who identify as LGBTQ.

Besides offering a warm and inviting home, all of the programs are focused on helping the residents learn skills that prepare them for a life-time of self-sufficiency. These resources include educational goal-setting and tutoring, employment readiness, life-skill development, health care, budgeting, and counseling. The benefits live on and on in our residents.

So where are the many young people that called 360 home for up to two years? Most are working; many are college graduates. Kelly graduated from Benedictine University and works as a sworn officer. Mercia has a vibrant career in international marketing. Arielle is finishing studies in graphic design. One is in the nursing program with the US Navy and is currently serving on a submarine. A former resident from the Cornerstone Group Home works as a missionary around the world.

Whatever their story or journey along the way, they have made an indelible impression on our hearts. That’s where all 1,000 are now and that’s where they will remain.