Above / Sounds ring out from Moser Tower celebrate every season from New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve. Previous post includes schedule of events at Moser Tower. In the foreground, the Martin Mitchell Mansion stands as the historic centerpiece at Naper Settlement where the city’s rich history is being saved for perpetuity.

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TO PN friends and family: Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  I’m thankful that our paths crossed and you’ve touched my life in a positive way. Ed Channell

To Constituents: Thanksgiving is the time of year when we gather with friends and family to celebrate the things that matter the most. Thanksgiving Thursday was established by Illinois’ own, President Abraham Lincoln in1863 thanks to a Presidential Proclamation. Lincoln’s thought was to help bring America together around one common day to give thanks for the nation’s many blessings.

(On Thanksgiving) please say a few words of observance for those men and women in uniform who are serving abroad or patrolling our highways and are not at home with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Michael Connelly, Illinois State Senator, 21st District

To PN Editor: As we celebrate Thanksgiving this month, I am thankful for my fellow veterans and active duty members who provide us with the freedoms to enjoy every day.  A few weeks ago, I was honored to take part in the 2015 Aurora Veterans Day Parade with both veterans and current service members. I appreciate all those who came out to help us celebrate this special day.  As a former Marine, and one of the over 700,000 individuals in Illinois who have served in the United States Armed Forces, I understand the sacrifices made by our service men and women and their families.
Our work is never done when it comes to providing adequate resources for our veterans. This spring I sponsored legislation to create a statewide Veterans and Military Discount Card Program. The program gives businesses the opportunity to provide money saving discounts to both active duty service members and veterans. For information on receiving a veteran driver’s license or state ID, please contact the Secretary of State’s office hotline at 800-252-8980.
Our veterans face too many challenges when they return home, and it’s critical that the community work together to lend a hand. From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to homelessness, service men and women deserve better. That is why I helped create a Veterans Suicide Taskforce and spent time visiting a few of our homeless veterans at Hesed House on Veterans Day. We as a society must be diligent in our efforts to reach out to distinguished veterans from all conflicts and wars, from World War II to the War on Terror. 
Veterans Day is also an opportunity to share the lessons of duty and sacrifice with the next generation. The students at Metea Valley High School displayed so much appreciation when I spoke to them at their Veterans Day Assembly. It was truly uplifting, and as I mentioned in my remarks, while Veterans Day is only once a year, veterans should be thanked and appreciated every day.
Semper Fi and God Bless America.
—Stephanie Kifowit, Illinois State Representative, 84th District

To PN Community:  Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year to think about all the things we are thankful for and to spend time with family and friends. We want to thank all our family, friends, and donors for a wonderful year at Upendo Village.

Your support of Upendo Village, and the generosity of others like you allowed thousands of lives to be sustained – lives that otherwise may have been lost to hunger, poverty or AIDS.

This Thanksgiving holiday, know how thankful we are for you, and that you are being counted as a blessing by many.

Guy Vaccaro, Ph.D., Executive Director, Upendo Village

To PN Readers: Whether you are sitting at the “big” table or the “kids” table – always look your best! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving dinner

(Photo from the archives of Naper Settlement)

—Bryan J. Ogg, Curator of Research, Naper Settlement

TO PN Community: As we come together at this special time of reflection and gratitude, Teen Parent Connection thanks you for your support and commitment to ensuring that the young families we serve lead lives free of abuse and full of promise. On behalf of our participants, volunteers, board, and staff, we wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

—Becky Beilfuss, Executive Director, Teen Parent Connection

To Naperville Community: Thank you for being among a special group of people I like to call Givers. The definition of a Giver is one who volunteers their time, shares their professional experience, provides financial support and generally helps make the lives of others better.  Givers come in all colors, religions and ethnicities. Additionally, they all have one common trait, they shy away from being thanked.

Most Givers say the act of giving creates an intrinsic sense of satisfaction that can’t be explained. They just feel good when they give and for them that’s thanks enough. Well, this is the reason I have resolved to do four things. I will find time to give thanks to my Creator, I will call a friend and thank them for their friendship, I will connect with family and others in the community who have made a positive impact in my life and finally, I will thank a Giver.

Thursday, November 26 is this year’s designated day for Thanksgiving.  Your willingness to give of yourself and your resources without any expectation is special. The world is better because of people like you who have the heart and soul to give.

Thank you for giving. Thank you for being a Giver!

—Walter J. Johnson, President and CEO, Turning Pointe Autism Foundation

do-not-feed-ducks-signTo PN and the Riverwalk Commission:
My wife and I feel blessed to live in Naperville.  I just read about Naperville ranking in the top 10 for the percent of population with post secondary degrees in the country for cities of 50,000 or more.

We are also fortunate to live on the Riverwalk which we do walk almost every day.  This fall has been a beautiful scene with all of the colors on the trees and the flowing river sounds.

Speaking of the Riverwalk, I have noticed that since the new signs went up about not feeding wildlife, along with the article in the Sun by Susan Carlman about the signs, and the reminders that are constantly in “Positively Naperville,” I have noticed a decline in the number of “feeders.” This is certainly “positive.”

bag-piper-flagsAbove / 2015 Healing Field of Honor was a tribute to all veterans and their families with a special replica of the Vietnam Veterans Wall to remember “50 Years of Healing” and the sacrifices of the Vietnam War.

Finally, we will be visiting the Healing Field tomorrow and also on Wednesday.  My wife plays clarinet in the Naperville Municipal Band and she will be part of both programs, with me as the band groupie and also in appreciation for all those who have served and fallen in past wars.

If we could just find a way to eliminate anger in people in its many forms, and injustice around the world, perhaps we could eliminate people fighting and dying in wars, that sometimes I wonder what the purpose of some of those wars were.

Thanks again … and I hope to see you around town.

—John Nepywoda, Naperville Resident

To PN & Community : On behalf of the members of the Naperville Noon Lions Club, we would like to thank PN, the citizens of Naperville, the surrounding communities and our sponsors for the overwhelming support which was shown for our 18th annual Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  (By early November) 6,500 individuals had registered for the event.  It is an exciting and fun event, which has become a family tradition in Naperville.  We hope to see you at the 2016 Turkey Trot.

—Bob Hull, President, Naperville Noon Lions Club